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Tracks Unlimited, LLC is a full service railroad contracting company with over 25 years of experience designing, building, maintaining and repairing railroads throughout New Jersey, the Northeast and the Mid-Atlantic region.

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C-YARD Vehicle Storage Facility (Phase 2) PAT- 784.219

Accepting Bids Through:

01/19/2023 By 10:00AM

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Jersey City, NJ – Hudson County

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Estimated Completion Date:



Port Authority of New York and New Jersey

Contact Name:

Yadnira Oquendo


DBE 24 % – All trades

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Tracks Unlimited LLC is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Soliciting for DBE subs, suppliers and truckers in all trades. If interested, please contact Yadnira Oquendo (908) 769-6840 Ext. 146 or by email yadnirao@tracksunlimitedllc.com.


The work under this contract consists generally of furnishing and installing trackwork, storm management system and rail car storage facility including mechanical ventilation system, electrical and electronics systems, plumbing, fire protection and service pit, related work at PATH’s C-Yard operating facility and the vicinity of Jersey City, NJ. All bidders and successful contractors will be required to comply with all required applicable federal provisions and requirements for this project.

For more information or to obtain a link to bid documents, please contact:

Yadnira @ 908-769-6840 ext. 146 or yadnirao@tracksunlimitedllc.com

“An Equal Opportunity Employer”