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Tracks Unlimited, LLC is a full service railroad contracting company with over 25 years of experience designing, building, maintaining and repairing railroads throughout New Jersey, the Northeast and the Mid-Atlantic region.

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MTA – M44146: Mainline Tracks Replacement on 63rd St. Line- IND, Jamaica & Myrtle Ave. Lines – BMT, in the Boroughs of Manhattan, Queens & Brooklyn.

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Cost Estimate:

Over $10M


Boroughs of Manhattan, Queens & Brooklyn

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Estimated Contract Term:

730 Calendar Days


100% FTA


MTA Construction & Development

Contact Name:

Yadnira Oquendo


DBE 22.5%

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Tracks Unlimited LLC is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Soliciting for DBE subs, suppliers and truckers in all trades. If interested, please contact Yadnira Oquendo (908) 769-6840 Ext. 146 or by email yadnirao@tracksunlimitedllc.com.


This work to be perform under this Contract includes the replacement of mainline track and contact rail at the three locations identified below: (1) 63rd Street Line- IND Division, between the 47th-50th Streets/Rockefeller Center Station and the 21st Street/Queensbridge Station, in the Boroughs of Manhattan and Queens; (2) Jamaica Avenue Line – BMT Division, between the 121st Street Station and the Jamaica/Parsons-Archer Station, in the Borough of Queens; and (30 Myrtle Avenue Line – BMT Division, between the Myrtle Avenue Station and the Central Avenue Station, in the Borough of Brooklyn.

For more information or to obtain a link to bid documents, please contact:

Yadnira @ 908-769-6840 ext. 146 or yadnirao@tracksunlimitedllc.com

“An Equal Opportunity Employer”