Robert Hahn is General Manager of Tracks Unlimited, LLC.  Previously, Robert was Vice President and Senior Estimator for T Reagan, Inc.

Robert has completed many projects throughout the Northeast.  These include numerous grade crossing improvements and bridge deck replacement, miles and miles of track construction involving turnouts and other specialized track work, and many design build projects from small sidings to large projects for Class 1 Railroads.

Robert graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in Civil Engineering and received a Masters from Penn in Civil Engineering.  After college, he worked for the Penn Central Railroad and T Regan Construction.  He founded and ran Tracks Unlimited, Inc from 1992 to 2015.

The Owners of Union Paving began operating Tracks Unlimited, LLC in 2015

Principals:  Gerard and Nick Burdi

Andy Creteau is the Director of Operations for Tracks Unlimited, LLC.  He began working in construction at age sixteen as he spent his summers in high school and college working as

a laborer on paving and sitework projects.  Andy graduated from Roger Williams University in Rhode Island with a Bachelor’s degree in Construction Management.  Subsequent to graduation Andy moved to Colorado where he worked for Flatiron Constructors while attending graduate school at Colorado State University. In 2005 he earned his Master’s degree in Construction Management.

Andy began working at Union Paving in 2006. He was the project manager on many prominent projects including the Rt 1&9 Section 1K and 3M as well as the Rt 7 WittPenn Bridge. Andy transitioned into the role of Director of Operations for Tracks Unlimited in December of 2015.

Gerard Burdi's 37 years in the Construction Industry began very early in life. Every summer starting at the age of 14 and continuing through high school and college was spent working at Union Paving. His hard work ethic was instilled by his father, Carmine Burdi, and continues to this day as President of Union Paving, the company founded by Carmine in 1951.

While working in multiple field disciplines, Mr. Burdi began to build a foundation of knowledge and relationships that would serve him well as a Heavy Civil and Highway Contractor.

Upon his graduation from New Jersey Institute of Technology, with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering, Gerard joined his father and brother, Nick, full time. The mid-1990’s saw Union Paving begin its inexorable march toward growth and expansions as it took on larger and more complex projects under the leadership of Gerard and Nick.

All facets of Union Paving’s operations are overseen by the two brothers.

Mr. Burdi has served on the Board of Directors of the Utility and Transportation Contractors Association of New Jersey since 1996 and served as the Association President in 2001. Mr. Burdi also served as a Trustee for the Construction Industry Advancement Program of New Jersey from 2004 – 2013 and served as Chairman in 2009.

Some of the more notable projects that have been constructed by Union Paving are The Route 21 Viaduct in Newark NJ and The Route 78 and Garden State Parkway Interchange in Union NJ.


Scott Woodfield

Chief Financial Officer


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EEO Officer


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Nick Burdi With more than forty years of experience and service with the company, Nick is well acquainted in all facets of Heavy Highway Construction and Sitework.  His expertise is often sought by Project Owners whose engineering staff needs Nick to conduct a constructability/feasibility review or even a cost-benefit analysis.  When working on projects where construction staging, heavy earthwork and utility operations are complex, his experience is unmatched.

In his daily role of managing our construction operations, Nick leads multiple project teams with his detailed knowledge of pre-construction planning, scheduling manpower and equipment, and all other construction components. He has instilled his discipline, integrity and perseverance within all of the project personnel from our tradesmen to the foremen to the superintendents and the project management staff.

His educational background is derived from the practical application of a strong work ethic coupled with solid construction principles and business management.